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  • Purchasing a Mattress: A Guide
    Choosing a mattress is a very difficult task.
    Purchasing a Mattress: A Guide christasauls
    christasauls on Monday, July 29, 2013
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    Choosing a mattress is a very difficult task. It is thus advised to follow simple tips from experts to purchase the best mattress. Go to a reliable and right retailer as this is the first step towards successfully completing the task of choosing the best Sealy mattress. A dealer who is already known is a best option but if a new dealer is being approached, then one must look for the quality of the stock. Visit the store and if possible try the mattress. Some experts even suggest that the pillow that is regularly used can also be carried to the store to try it with the bed that is planned to be bought.

    Measurements of the bed: Take the measurement of the existing bed. The height from floor, the length and the width of the bed must be measured. It is also advised to measure the room space so that the new bed will perfectly fit into the space.

    Quality of mattress: start with the mattresses that are firm and plus. These mattress are innerspring mattresses. Try Sealy mattress made using different types of technology. Other types of mattresses available are the foam and latex foam mattresses which also have to given a trial.

    Comfort Levels: feeling of comfort is different for different people. The mattress which is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for the other person. Thus try different types of mattress that are present at the store. Different levels of comfort are Ultra plush which gives soft feel, plush which is firmer than ultra plus, Cushion Firm which is more firm than Plush and finally Firm which is the hardest of all the types.

    Material inside the mattress: Ask the person at the store about the material inside the mattress and check if it gives support to the body and back. Ask about the features and benefits of different mattresses in higher and lower price range.

    Types of mattresses: Three types of mattresses are available and these are memory foam, innerspring and latex foam. It is important to know about the shape of the coil, thickness of wire, number of coils inside and whether the coils are twice tempered or not. Sealy Mattress is most popular mattress and is available in any part of the world. A good night sleep is a luxury and thus the mattress which affects the sleep must always be chosen with great care.


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