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  • New Builds in York - Types of home extensions you can do
    andyanderson on Saturday, March 12, 2016
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    Home extensions are great and sometimes they are just unavoidable. If you want to extend your home, how do you plan to do it? What sort of extension project do you have and how fast do you want to complete it? It is imperative to ask these questions prior to meeting your home extensions York expert as it will make the process quick and easy.

    Most people do loft and garage conversions in York area although this does not mean that you can’t have another project done by a professional. In this article we will analyze common sorts of home extensions that new builds in York companies find themselves doing. Loft conversions are super famous and sometimes they incorporate garage conversions. These kinds of extensions make proper use of underutilized spaces in the property. A loft which is turned into a more practical use can be a cost-effective way of extending your home.

    As the extension is from an existing basic structure, planning permission is sometimes not needed before conversions are done. Loft conversions are not as easy as they seem because they may fundamentally alter the original design of a house because a staircase or an additional floor may be required. Some roofs’ design might pose some difficulties too, requiring professional approaches. This is why we encourage people to hire a home extensions York builder that knows their job well.

    Single story home extensions are commonly done as well. Modern single storey buildings have a somehow pitched roof that is aimed at increasing the lifespan of the roof and also to enhance its aesthetics. So it is uncommon to find homeowners of flat-roofed single storey buildings seeking the services of a builder who can pitch their roof. Others might want to introduce a flat roof to the top of their tiled roof or to increase the height of a roof on either side of the window. Conversion options can vary and the best part is that there are professionals who can assist.

    Multistory home extensions are rather common as well. A two storey extension is not very complicated and designers are able to increase height in the most logical manner. More internal alterations can also be done regardless of whether one has a two-storey house or a more storey building, as long as the ceiling height allows it. Several storey home extensions are done but not without creating temporary problems that many affect neighboring homes. When side and front multiple storey extensions are ordered, the builder has to follow the same design that original builders followed and use the same materials.

    Older homes that were built before the 20th century have basements that could be converted to useful spaces. As long as an old basement does not demand a lot of changes such as being deepened, it may be necessary to create a new extension from it. New builds in York builders are even able to create a new basement where none exist, although the task is extremely difficult and costly because of the amount of digging and removal of soil that has to be done.

    Resource Box: We do all kinds of building projects including creating new home extensions York area has seen in a long time. We can be called upon to provide our new builds in York crew whenever a new project arises and great results are preferred.

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