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  • 4 Essentials Of Globally Focused MBA Programs
    As globalization expands, MBA programs with a heavy focus on international business are gaining prominence. Many accredited business schools are offering programs with a heavy international component. It is essential to choose a business school that helps students maximize their potential in the international arena.
    4 Essentials Of Globally Focused MBA Programs rileybelmer
    rileybelmer on Friday, December 30, 2016
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    Earning an MBA degree is an effective tool in climbing the corporate ladder. Apart from full-time students, even full-time professionals are going back to school to earn a business degree. The rising popularity of MBA programs has led schools to offer more than just the traditional MBA. Many specializations, covering a wide range of industries, have been introduced. Apart from that, MBA programs are also being structured in a way that is flexible enough to accommodate students who are working professionals.

    Even with all the specializations and core focus in today's MBA programs; one very crucial factor for any business school is to ensure a solid internationally focused MBA. Business school graduates today need to be able to transfer their skills and knowledge successfully across borders and cultures as companies are expanding their operations beyond their domestic horizons. Hence, it is imperative that students choose their schools with great care in order to be able to make it in a competitive global market.

    Given below are the factors one needs to consider as they search for an internationally focused business school.

    The variety in international courses

    A school that places heavy emphasis on giving their students the much needed skills to survive in any culture will have a variety of courses that focus on international business topics. The business school's core classes usually include case studies that showcase dilemmas faced in different countries and cultures. This gives them an insight into how the various business problems are approached in different cultures. Taking multiple courses in international business builds a strong profile for the student which helps them get placed in international companies.

    Exchange programs and study abroad options

    An internationally-focused MBA program seeks to enrich the students' experience by giving them the opportunity to undertake international travel experiences, international exchange programs, and study abroad options. This enhances the value of their degree by broadening their perspective. It also teaches them best practices in business across borders and cultures. It helps them immerse into a culture foreign to theirs and teaches adaptation skills.

    A rich network of international students

    One of the obvious factors in an internationally focused MBA program is the diversity in its students. The experience of learning alongside students of different nationalities prepares them to collaborate and succeed in a multicultural work environment. Having a robust international student alumni network helps the newly-minted business graduates land their desired jobs by connecting with key people in international firms.

    Focus on problems unique to international business

    Internationally-focused MBA programs should equip students with an understanding of the different kinds of geopolitical problems that has a great impact on businesses at international firms. It should teach them about the challenges like the regulations in the host countries, corruption in certain countries, and even the potential of facing a hostile government. The focus should be on enduring business problems rather than the trends, and ensure the students are not restricted in the skills they develop and can sustain themselves in the long run.

    Businesses are looking for well-rounded MBA graduates who can prove to be a great asset to their firm and help manage their various international aspects. Hence, it is important that students weigh their options carefully in order to maximize on their investment.

    Read more about MBA Programs with an international focus in BBR Education’s complete business guide to Business Schools in the US.

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