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  • Tips for finding a day nursery Petersfield
    andyanderson on Wednesday, April 6, 2016
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    It was fun giving birth and you have been very happy all these months. Now it is time to go back to work and earn some money, but then you have to find a day nursery Petersfield to help with the baby while you are away. It is not always easy to make the decision of leaving your baby with someone else but what can you do when you have to work? However, the bottom line is you have to find a nursery school Petersfield to take on care of the baby while you are at work.

    It is important that when you finding a nursery care to send your child to that you do not in any way be in a hurry. When you rush, you can make some very bad decisions that you will regret down the road. However, take your time to find a good nursery for your child. Nurseries are usually privately own, although there are some public run ones too, and although the main aim is to keep the children while their parents are away, they also offer basic curriculum for the very young.

    To help you find a good nursery, you have to do your research. You can start by asking from the local child services in your area about some reputable day nursery Petersfield they will be happy to recommend. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family too, they can be a useful resource. As you ask around, you will come across a good number. List them all down and start narrowing them as you ask more in depth questions. Once you have a list of shortlisted schools, call them to book an appointment for a visit.

    When you visit the school, take note of the first impressions. Things like the welcome you receive when you arrive can make a great difference. Look around the school and check how safe the children are. Be ready to ask some of the following questions from the school authorities.
    • Are there available slots for your baby?
    • What is the maximum intake of the school and how many children are currently enrolled?
    • Are older children allowed to mix with younger ones?
    • Are meals provided? If yes, ask to see where the meals are cooked.
    • What are the security policies of the school?
    • Who are the key staff and are they trained to handle children?

    These are just a few questions you can ask the different nursery school Petersfield that you visit. You can add other questions that are more tailored towards your needs. All the while make sure to keep an eye on security at the school. This is very important as you don’t want to leave your child at a nursery and another person collects them.

    Resource Box: Are you looking for a day nursery Petersfield, visit us at Jigsa Nursery. We have a team of seasoned nursery school Petersfield teachers.

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