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  • The Importance of Suitable Kitchen Flooring
    The Kitchen Flooring selection that you opt for will influence the way you feel about spending time in this particular room of the house for many years to come
    sarahcoolen on Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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    The Kitchen Flooring selection that you opt for will influence the way you feel about spending time in this particular room of the house for many years to come. If you were to choose hardwood floors, you may soon regret it due unfortunately to the fact that spills can warp and stain, and will ultimately have a specific, unpleasant odour. This would not be the case if you choose to rely on another wood product. Cork tiles are capable of offering advantages that supersede other hardwoods while still looking aesthetically wood-beautiful.

    Of course there are those who will tell you that when it comes to Kitchen Flooring, ceramic tiles are a much better idea. However, you should know that seeing as this is a room where you and your loved ones spend a lot of time every day, you would need to clean the tiles more often than you think or stains will discolour the grout. Also, if you were to step on it barefoot, you would immediately deal with the rather unpleasant sensation of cold, hard, unforgiving stone.

    Let us inform you that cork tiles are quite the opposite in this effect. You don’t have to worry about spending too much time cleaning your floor. Cork is water resistant, so if something gets spilled, you can wipe it and get back to what you were doing without worrying about wood rot or stains. Sweep and clean regularly to keep debris from making any deep scratches, and only mop with a slightly damp cloth. Upkeep is quite simple.

    Cork Kitchen Flooring will always offer you a pleasant warm feeling, especially if you step on it barefoot. Another interesting fact about a cork floor is that it is easy on your joints. When you walk on it, rather than a harsh unforgiving surface, you get a cushion-like support. If you or a loved one were to fall down, cork’s elastic nature reduces the chances of serious injury.

    Glue down tiles or a floating cork floor both work well in the kitchen, so ask advice from your provider. Most are more than happy to help you decide what best fits your particular situation. The good news is that for this particular room of the house, both applications work well but make sure to find the one the will allow your kitchen to shine. Follow provider recommendations when you install to avoid costly mistakes or repairs later. When done right a cork floor will last for decades to come.

    Are you currently looking for the best option for your kitchen floor? If that is the case, you should know that you do not have to do anything other than just visit our site, where you can learn more about   cork tiles and how they can help with  Kitchen Flooring. Contact us for more details!

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