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  • WeCanBuyNotes Best Place To Sell Personal Injury Settlement Payments For Cash
    WeCanBuyNotes, Los Angeles, facilitates sale of personal injury settlement payments for those in need of fast cash.
    robertbrn on Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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    LOS ANGELES, CA (January 08, 2017) - WeCanBuyNotes has opened a new vista in the field of sale of personal injury settlement payments for cash.

    The services offered by the company include purchasing private owner carry back residential mortgage notes, lump sum cash-outs of annuities and structured settlements, lump sum cash-outs of lottery and gaming awards, advances of cash for inheritances delayed in probate system, advances of cash based on a future settlement of a personal injury case, short-term cash advances based on the value of personal collectibles and many other similar cash flow type transactions.

    Court Awarded Structured Settlements and Annuities are income streams paid by a life insurance company to compensate an injured individual as the result of a personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death lawsuit or similar types of liability settlements. As a result of wrongful death, plaintiffs are commonly awarded very large settlements. Rather than receiving the settlement in a LUMP SUM, however, the injured party most commonly receives the money as monthly instalments in the form of an annuity.

    In today's challenging economy and jobless recovery, more and more beneficiaries of structured settlements are finding the need to CASH OUT and receive a LUMP SUM distribution. This is often caused by job loss and the need for retraining, unforeseen medical problems, or the need to start a new business.

    About WeCanBuyNotes:    
    WeCanBuyNotes is a buyer of contracts and annuity-styled payment streams. If someone is in need of FAST CASH and are considering the sale of an Owner Financed Private Mortgage Note, a Structured Settlement or similar annuity or if one needs an advance of cash for a pending inheritance or personal injury award, the company can assist one in getting the cash one needs and deserves in as short a time as possible. Additionally, the company’s expertise includes advances of cash upon other types of pending legal obligations.

    For more information, please visit

    H. Mack


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