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  • Types of Commercial Door and Hardware
    While it is good to have an alarm system and a circumference wall, having a commercial door and hardware installed will enhance the security of your business premises.
    Types of Commercial Door and Hardware kainblacks
    kainblacks on Friday, February 17, 2017
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    When you have a business premises, you will do everything possible to enhance the security. This is considering the fact that you will have considerable investments in the premises. While it is good to have an alarm system and a circumference wall, having a commercial door and hardware installed will enhance the security of your business premises.


    Types of Commercial Doors


    There are so many different types of a commercial door and hardware components that you can buy. Some of the main ones include:


    1. Wooden Doors: Wooden doors are unique in different ways.  Some of the common types of wood maple, oak and birch, all of which can be used to make high-quality commercial doors.


    1. Metal Doors: Metal is one of the common materials that are used to make a commercial door and hardware. You can choose from different metal options including annealed steel or the cold rolled steel. Meal doors come in all shapes, styles, and sizes.


    1. Fiberglass: Most commercial premises have the fiberglass commercial door and hardware. The main advantage of such doors is that they are not affected by salt, moisture, corrosion, and chemical or even bacterial. You can use them for all your office and industrial space.


    There are so many other types of commercial doors that can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.


    Hardware for Commercial Doors


    In order to enhance the security of your industrial or office space, you need a commercial door and hardware elements. The most effective hardware includes:


    1. Lock Sets: These are ideal for commercial premises and come in different styles and functionality. They will serve your needs in the best way possible since can be in the form of push buttons or the mortise lock sets.


    1. Auxiliary and Trim: When you a specialty commercial door and hardware, you will feel safer when you lock up your building. The most common options include kick-plates, armor plates, push and pull plates, electric strikes, wall stops, floor stops and door viewers among others.


    1. Hinges: You can choose from the various types of hinges to enhance your security. Some of the choices you can select from include electrified hinges, pin and barrel hinges, spring hinges and full surface hinges among others.  You will find hinges that will suit your commercial door and hardware in the best way possible.


    1. Closers: You can find closers that will be ideal for your type of business. There are many styles and finishes, and they can be included in specialty doors.


    Dynamic Doors and Specialty is a professional company that offers commercial door and hardware in Houston Texas. You can rest assured that all the products are of exceptional quality and your needs will be met in the best way possible. As long as you have a building, there is the right door and accessories for you.

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