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  • Robin – Watch For Wishes, a Social Impact Movie That Aims To Spur a Major Charity Event
    Robin – Watch for Wishes is a movie that hopes to raise a major amount for a global charity.
    alexaz91 on Monday, January 9, 2017
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    (January 09, 2017) Robin – Watch for Wishes is a unique social impact movie that focuses on the bucket list of a terminally ill child and his father’s attempt of making his dying son’s wish count. Robin is just like any other eleven year old child with a lot of dreams, hopes and wishes that he would like to fulfill. However, he only has a little time to accomplish his goals since he is suffering from cancer and has only a few days to live. Faced with the impossible decision of keeping his child in the hospital to buy him a few weeks more time to live or taking him home to face death, Robin’s father decides to get his son out of the hospital and go to South Africa on a journey for fulfilling his son’s list of wishes.   
    Told through the spoken word performances in a poetry slam competition where the father John chronicles his last days with his beloved son Robin, Robin – Watch for Wishes is at once a heart touching story of the bond between the father and the son and an adventurous travelogue. Robin’s mother Miriam, who is terrified about the absence of her sickly child and her husband, tries to find them both by using his father’s performance of verses as a code that can give the police a hint of where the father and the child could be. An indie film can go a long way in making serious life issues to get a slice of life in reality.

    The film will be released in 2017 and it will be made available online for 14 days on YouTube and for free viewing. For each and every click that the movie generates, the campaign partners for the movie “Believers” is going to donate a few cents for a charity organization. This is going to make a major difference as it can raise a major amount for charity.   

    About Robin – Watch for Wishes:
    Robin – Watch for Wishes is a movie that aims to raise funds for a global charity campaign.

    To learn more about Robin – Watch for Wishes, visit


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