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  • On A Dramatic High With Love And Life: Read Up Damn The Drama
    Damn The Drama is a funky, exciting blog run by a teenager who loves to leaf through the pages of life’s book and share her experiences to make a reader’s life more beautiful and happening.
    robertbrn on Monday, January 9, 2017
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    INDIA (January 09, 2017) - Here comes a 16-year-old teenage girl from India who not only loves to cook and have that sinful bite on a chocolate bar, but is also perceptive about life’s pace and the experiences it offers. She shares those lovely tales, opinions and suggestions to bring readers out of their daily boredom and taste a new chapter in their lives.

    So, readers give a shot to this newbie in town, and delve into her world of love, life and loss to get an idea of what a proud Indian teenage girl thinks. Her blogposts come with the freshness of a new soul and the weird experiences of an adult mind. She is cool, she is funky and she has a great capability of playing around with words and ideas to make your stressful day more enjoyable. Her interests are versatile, and her posts reflect that wide range too, leaving an option for every age and every mindset to find something interesting to read.

    Be it tragedy, comedy, songs or even nursery rhymes, this blogger excites your life and its mundane chores. Rapping at times or even singing the childhood nursery rhymes bringing in your childhood days to your doorstep. She is not out there to change the world, not to form opinions, but just to have a heart-to-heart talk with the readers and relate to their feelings. For what lies beneath the heart is the window to the blog Damn The Drama. Expect to read a lot of stuff, from the latest TV shows or movies she saw to colors she likes. At times, she is funny, she is sarcastic. The blog not just puts on what she thinks but allows readers to relate to what they want, giving it a two-way traffic. So, do not wait, just get addicted to Damn The Drama.  

    About Damn The Drama:
    Funky, exciting blog run by a teenager who loves to leaf through the pages of life’s book and share her experiences to make a reader’s life more beautiful and happening.

    For more information, please visit

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