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  • Things to Know about Blood Pressure Monitor at Home
    If you're working to control your high blood pressure, you need to monitor the results you're getting. The best way to do this, beyond visiting your doctor every day, is to monitor your blood pressure at home.
    AsteratHome on Thursday, January 12, 2017
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    If you're working to control your high blood pressure, you need to monitor the results you're getting. The best way to do this, beyond visiting your doctor every day, is to monitor your blood pressure at home. And this can be done using what is commonly known as, a digital blood pressure monitor.

    When the doctor sends you home with a new prescription or a new lifestyle plan, the only way to evaluate its success is by measuring the results. For instance, in order to know if the efforts you are putting in to lose weight have borne any fruit, you have to get on the weighing scale. Similarly, to evaluate changes in your blood pressure, you use a digital blood pressure monitor.

    There are several different kinds of digital monitors. A standard digital blood pressure monitor, for instance, comes with an arm cuff, a squeeze bulb, and a digital read out. These are generally the least expensive monitors. You can pick up a basic model for as cheap as $25.

    Automatic monitors are types of digital monitors that self-inflate, and are very similar to the traditional blood pressure monitors used in clinics. However, the cuff inflates and deflates with the touch of a button instead of manually. There is no squeeze bulb included either. Automatic monitors are slightly more expensive and can get even more expensive with additional features such as a paper printouts.

    Both of these basic digital monitors require that you take a reading several times for complete accuracy. You can also get them with cuffs for the wrist or the finger but the accuracy isn't as spot on as the one your physician uses and these are only recommended if you're unable to use an arm cuff.

    Home monitoring allows you the flexibility of measuring your blood pressure throughout the day. Morning, afternoon, and evening readings are generally more accurate than a single reading during any one time, when other stress factors may be present. Home monitoring also eliminates the stress of being in a doctor's office or traveling to and from the doctor's office.

    The key to any monitor that you choose lies in its accuracy, ease of use and the ease of its digital read out. For the most part, any digital blood pressure monitor will have these bases covered. It's hard to go wrong as long as you have your monitor tested for accuracy once a year and make sure you record all your reading for your doctor to review.

    A digital blood pressure monitor is an excellent way of providing your health care professional with the best information for understanding and managing your blood pressure.

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