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  • Avenues Provides Free Consultation At Weekend For Hair Problem
    The Avenues clinic is considered as the best clinic for Hair Treatment In Ahmedabad. Besides its amazing hair treatment services, it is known for the affordable cost of the treatments.
    pragya on Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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    The Avenues clinic is considered as the best clinic for Hair Treatment In Ahmedabad. Besides its amazing hair treatment services, it is known for the affordable cost of the treatments. The Avenues clinic is fully aware of financial problems of the people since it has been providing the loan facility to the poor patients with 0% interest.


    In this series of providing financial comfort to the poor patients, the management of the clinic has taken a great decision. At weekend, the doctors of the clinic provide free of cost consultation to the patients. At weekend, any patient can come to the clinic for the free check up.


    One of the doctors of the clinic told about the main reasons for the weekend free consultation.


    Giving the financial ease to the patients:


    The patients can highly reduce the cost of the treatment by visiting the clinic at weekends. The diagnosis and the advice of the doctors are totally free. Therefore, the patients can go for the treatment directly. Skipping the initial stages may reduce the cost of the treatment. This facility is a boon for the poor people. Sometimes, the treatment is not needed and the hair can be cured with the help of medications only. In such situations, patients need not to pay the consultancy fee to the doctors and they can come to the clinic at weekends.




    This step is hugely important for the patients who are not aware of their hair problems. The team of the doctors trains the patients about the caretaking of the hair. The doctors tell the patients about the healthy diet for keeping the hair healthy forever. Moreover, the patients of male-pattern baldness can diagnose the problem at the right time and can be treated before the severe conditions.


    The patients who have undergone the hair transplant need not visit the clinic at regular times as they can come at weekends for free consultancy. In this situation, they have no need to pay for multiple visits after the hair transplant surgery.


    The step of the clinic is really revolutionary and can be a milestone for the clinic in the field of Hair Treatment In Ahmedabad. It is sure that the patients will be more aware of their hair related problems after this step of the clinic.


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    402, 4th Floor, Jyoti Complex,Besides Parekh's Hospital,Nr. Shyamal Cross Roads, Satellite Ahmedabad ,Gujarat

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