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  • Feloh Is The Latest App Dedicated To Hair Care Creating A Buzz
    Feloh is an app that is dedicated to the cause of hair care. It offers the best information about the latest hair care products and allows professionals in hair care industry to promote their business.
    robertbrn on Thursday, January 12, 2017
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    Feloh is a hair care app that has been designed to function as the first social media platform specifically meant for all the hair industry stakeholders. Feloh, acronym for “For Everyone's Love of Hair” is certainly going to appeal to all YouTubers, hairstyle bloggers, barbers, hair stylists, hair care retailers and anyone who remotely takes a strong interest in hair care and hair fashion. The app has been developed by Jacqueline Baron and Camille Heard. Jacqueline Baron is a self confessed hair enthusiast from Atlanta, Georgia. The Feloh app can work as an inspiration to anyone who is looking to make his or her hair care brand a success story. It can also offer great advice to stylists who are looking to learn more about the different types of retro and modern hairstyles.

    The goal of the Feloh app is to provide hair enthusiasts with all the tools that they need to make their hair truly beautiful. Plenty of times people get frustrated with poor quality hair care products that leave them with undesirable results. Now they can consult the resources offered at Feloh app to make the best purchasing decisions.

    Feloh, the hair care app can also guide professionals associated with the hair care industry to take their brands to the highest levels of success. By using effective word of mouth referrals, Feloh app can help hair stylists and hair care product manufacturers to have the maximum number of customers that they would need to achieve the financial success that they are looking for.      

    About Feloh
    Feloh is a hair care app that is dedicated to help users find the best quality hair care products. The app is also meant for hair stylists and hair care experts who want to promote their businesses and achieve greater success in the process.   

    To learn more about Feloh, visit


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