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  • How to Best Train Your New Puppy
    Training your new puppy can be a daunting task.
    KevinDavies on Friday, February 17, 2017
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    Here you have this cute pet who just loves playing and doing the darndest things to make you smile. His last priority seems training and rightly so. But there are some basic steps you can take in training your puppy: steps which you can expand upon over time in teaching your puppy new things as he gets older.


    Get him used to a routine

    Just like human babies, you have to first get your new puppy adjusted to a regular routine. Sleep, feeding and potty routines need to be put in place and followed habitually so that your pet gets accustomed to the rhythms of his day. Housebreaking is something that will come with time with  consistency. Some pups take to it more faster than others, but all do eventually become housebroken. Feeding and sleeping, followed by a break for your puppy’s time on some newspaper will get his internal clock used to this pattern, making it a fairly predictable day.


    Positively reward

    Communicating to your puppy your happiness with his behavior is typically accomplished through positive reinforcement. Giving your puppy praise, petting him, and offering him a treat all are forms of positive reinforcement which can be used to train your puppy, instilling in him the desire to please you by displaying those behaviors most favorable.


    Ignore less favorable behaviors

    Some pet owners are inclined to resort to foul language and heated words toward their pet when less favorable behaviors are displayed. In order not to confuse your pet, ignore the pet and the behavior you wish to avoid whenever possible, unless it is potentially dangerous (in which case you should definitely address by removing the pet from the situation at hand, and segregating him for a spell).  Ongoing behavioral issues should be addressed by a competent dog trainer.


    Encourage calm behavior over excited behavior

    In training your puppy, it is important to encourage calm attentiveness from your pet. Excited behavior is okay when your pet is exercising, but you don’t necessarily want that on a walk, or when meeting neighbors as a big dog could potentially overwhelm them if they resort to jumping, humping and circling.  On the other hand, when your pet is calm he is more attentive to your commands and what you expect of him.


    Be consistent

    The most important of all tips is for pet owners to be consistent with their pets. Training becomes ineffective when the pet loses sight of what is expected of him. When a pet loses his routine, his sense of when to expect food, drink, rest, exercise as well as time to relieve himself, the day becomes chaotic for your pet. Make sure to instill a routine that will create a sense of security and happiness for your pet and you will find yourself with a very attentive pet who takes to training quite easily.

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