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  • Best Car Phone Satnav Auto Accessories Drink Holder & Foot Mat Report Launched
    A new car accessories report has launched on JNE Auto Accessories Shop, showcasing some of the most important items to pick up when buying a car. These include phone holders, cup holders, and car mats to preserve neatness.
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    JNE Auto Accessories Shop, the online car gadget and accessories shop, has launched a new report on four of the best car accessories that customers can add to their vehicle to help get the most out of it. It explains that owning a car for the first time can be a thrilling experience, but one way to get the most out of the vehicle is to decorate it with useful accessories to enhance the convenience.

    More information can be found at:

    JNE Auto Accessories specialises in providing customers with a wide range of gadgets, items and devices that can boost the effectiveness, luxury and style of a car. These can range from sat navs to tow bars, television screens for headrests, and car stereos with AUX input for CD and MP3 playback.

    The company's new report emphasises that there are certain accessories that have added importance when first time vehicle owners purchase a car. If the car dealer does not provide these accessories, it's important to source them, either from a shop or an online store.

    Visitors to the JNE Auto Accessories website will find four key accessories listed in the report, which places an emphasis on usefulness. The first accessory it mentions is covers and knobs, which protect the valuable parts of the cars, and beautify its interior. These can be especially important for old vehicles, because they can cover up worn out car parts.

    In addition to this, new vehicle owners can buy car mats to add a sense of new and luxury to the vehicle, preserving neatness. These make it easier to clean out the footwell and give as nicer look to the vehicle than exposing the material by the foot pedals.

    Third on the list is cup holders, which the report explains can be very beneficial, especially when children are likely to be in the vehicle, because they prevent spillage. Various colours are often available, so they can blend in with the design of the car.

    Last on the list is a hands free phone holder, which can allow drivers to use their mobile phones as a sat nav, and also allow them to take calls without using the handset with their hands.

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